A Tale of Two Covers

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Good Thursday afternoon. How’s everyone doing today? I’m in the stretch run of my book. I’m so excited!

Normally by this point, I have released a book cover and several excerpts from a book. As I have mentioned several times I’m being secretive with this one.

Last week, I revealed two possible covers during an event on Facebook. I have gotten several good comments about both. But I am still undecided on which cover to use. So I thought I would bring both covers to you for your review.

The first cover was designed by my business partner Jeremy Croston. What do you think of this great cover?

Possible Time Traveler's Journal cover

And then there’s the cover that I designed.

Time Traveler Font 2 attempt

Both covers are similar in design. They both feature paper designed to look old. I am half tempted to do one as the paperback cover and one as the e-kindle.

But before I make a decision, if you have an opinion on either covers, let me know. I’m definitely looking for feedback. Which cover jumps out at you most?

Until then, thank you for your time and have a good one everyone!


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