Word Count Wednesday # 16

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to another edition of Word Count Wednesday. They are certainly piling up. But readers, I can assure you that the end is in sight.

Unfortunately for me if it’s not one setback it’s another. I feel myself getting under the weather again. It’s been affecting me for the last few days and definitely hit me hard last night. It cost me two days of writing so hopefully I can get some work done today!

With that in mind, last week our count was 40,119.

This past weekend I parked myself in front of the computer and wrote some pretty heavy scenes. It’s all part of the big payoff for this big. You will either really love it (which I’m hoping for, of course) or curse me out (Wouldn’t be the first time!)

I can definitely see only two more weeks of writing in the first draft, hopefully! Of course I will keep you posted.

And your word count for the week of 2/24/2016 is….


Have a good one everybody!


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