Earning my title

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Good Sunday evening everybody! Hope you had a good weekend.

I have always considering my self a movie nerd. I have been called the Entertainment Guru for years.

But I realized I haven’t truly lived up to that name. I love movies. I really do. But I realized that there are plenty of movies I haven’t seen.

Let me put it this way. My movie experiences started in the 80’s. But there are still plenty of movies from the 80’s and earlier that I have never seen. So I’m looking to change that.

All ready this year I have seen four movies from the 80’s and 90’s that I hadn’t seen before. I watched Top Gun, Blade Runner, The Shining and Leon: The Professional .

Since there is no football on Sunday, that will be my movie night. I am looking for suggestions on what other movies you think I should watch. Even if you think there’s a possibility that I’ve seen it, there’s a chance I haven’t. Let me know! I will keep you posted what’s up for next Sunday!

Have a good one everyone!


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