Word Count Wednesday #15

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to Word Count Wednesday for February 17, 2016. I’m hitting the final stretch of The Time Traveler’s Journal as we speak.

Tomorrow, I’m part of a huge event over on Facebook. Join me and a handful of other awesome authors for Jack Crosby’s Uncanny Book Fair. Authors from many different genres coming together to discuss books among other things. It should be a good time! If you’re around the internet tomorrow, check us out!

One reason you should join us for the Book Fair is there just might be a cover reveal for The Time Traveler’s Journal! There might be something even more than that!

Of course I will post it here after the event as well.

So? Since it’s Word Count Wednesday I can tell you (unless you remember yourself) that last week the count was 36.956.

Work drove me a little crazy this past week, so I didn’t have as much time to write as I’d like to. But I have been busy this week catching up on it. And I’m proud to tell you that the word count now stands at


I’m so close to the ending of it. And even with that, there’s still so much more to happen in the book.

Have a good one everybody!


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