Happy Super Bowl 50 Day

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody! Where were you on the first Super Bowl? I was -11 years old. I still remember the day… No I don’t. Hell, I barely remember last week!

Who do you got into today’s game? I don’t truly have a vested interest in either team, so I won’t be upset about either team winning. I’m kind of torn really. I’d love to see Peyton Manning win a second Super Bowl. But to see the amazing turn around the Panthers had over the last season. Just last year Cam was in a serious car accident, flipping his truck near the Panthers stadium. And that seemed to spark the team the rest of last year and onto a 15-1 record this year.

A top rated defense in Denver versus a top rated offense in Carolina. It should be a great game. But I have Carolina winning 27-17.

Hope your day is full of good commercials, good wings, friends and family surrounding you and whatever else you decide to gorge on. Even if you’re on a diet, food has no calories on Super Bowl Sunday. I think I read that on the internet. It must be true if it’s on the internet, right?

Have A Good One Everyone.


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