Word Count Wednesday # 13

Word Count Wednesday

Good Wednesday Evening to you. Hope wherever you are it’s not nearly as rainy and soggy as it is here in New England!

This friendly reminder that you can get Everything Comes Full Circle for free for the rest of the day for your Kindle AND Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 until Sunday. Both books are free so you can never go wrong there!

Okay, enough shilling my books for now. Time for a little progress report. I’m to the point in the book where everything that we have been building towards is about to happen. To me it’s the best part of the book. I hope you will agree with me!

Last week the word count was 29,464. I have been working hard this week to catch up from my week where I didn’t do nearly enough writing due to Mother Nature trapping me in New Jersey. I think I have caught up to where I should be.

And with that I can tell you that the word count for February 2nd, 2016 is…


Almost 4,000 in a week is a lot for me. But hopefully that number will be higher next week! I’m flowing! There might even be an excerpt coming!

Have a good one everyone!



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