The Two Dudes are at it again!

The Two Dudes are at it again.

5 Good Minutes


Afternoon everyone and welcome back to the blog.  Today’s an important day in this Indie publishing company’s history as it marks the one year anniversary of Jeff Trelewicz jumping into the underpaid and underappreciated world of being an author.  Congrats Jeff on making it a year and here’s to your second year kicking a lot of ass!


“His breakout novel – You should read it.”

As we’re one month into the new year, I am still in shock over how much two guys with a vision, limited income, and no resources but ourselves have been able to accomplish.  We have a pretty interactive Facebook group, our podcast actually has a decent following, and we even opened our own studio design company.

67 Studios

“67 Studios Production – for all your cover and book trailer needs!”

So yeah, this infomercial blog is all about hawking our company, and honestly, wouldn’t you too?  In…

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