Word Count Wednesday # 12

Word Count Wednesday

Good Wednesday night everyone. I know I’m coming to you much later than normal. It’s because I wanted to get some good writing in over the past 48 hours.

As you saw in my last blog I was out of town from Thursday to Monday morning. So I wanted to make sure that my numbers for the week weren’t… well weak. I wrote yesterday and then a lot more today after work.

If you will recall last week my numbers were 27,342. Could by numbers be higher starting a new week? Yeah they can. But I also look at how the numbers could be a lot lower too. I came home from work today with a huge blank in my mind. I couldn’t figure out what the scene should have been about today.

Then I finally figured it out and wrote the first paragraph before completely erasing it because it wasn’t quite right. I know that scene will be written, but now wasn’t the right place for it.

I recalled a previous conversation with Jeremy, my business partner and realized exactly what needed to be written.

So with that in mind, today’s new word count is…..


Have a good one everybody!


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