Mother Nature changed my plans

JefftrelBooks Logo (10) Holiday

Good Tuesday evening everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend looked a little something like my logo. Normally I only use this logo for the holidays, but it’s fitting considering my past weekend.

So let do something that has never happened on this blog and talk about something that does not involve books! *gasp*

I volunteered at a convention called Heroes & Villains in New Jersey this weekend. Or at least I was supposed to.  I had never been to a Convention of any kind. So I thought what better way to attend then to volunteer at it.

The Con itself was headlined by Stephen Amell and John Barrowman. Both star on the show Arrow. In fact the Con itself is about 85 % Arrow and Flash-centric. There were some actors from Gotham as well, Once Upon A Time and Dr. Who as well.

I successful volunteered on Friday. It was a set up day. For the most part it was a pretty easy day. I spent the day at the ticket booth working on passes and then pre-checking people into the event. I had a lot of fun.

But then Mother Nature stepped in. She stepped in and said “HAHAHAHA. No Con for you!” The whole state of New Jersey got shut down. I was stuck inside all Saturday and finally ventured out on Sunday to hunt for food. And by that I mean find a place that was open!

I was supposed to come back from Jersey on Sunday, but the trains out of New Jersey weren’t running yet so I made it home early yesterday morning. I still had fun though. Unfortunately it set back even further in writing because I didn’t bring my computer. Oh I would have had plenty of time then.

Have a good one everyone!



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