Word Count Wednesday #11

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome to another Word Count Wednesday. I guess all I do now is these blogs. But that’s about to change. Why do you ask? Well because this weekend there will be the first part  a short story that I’m writing. I mentioned it recently on my last non Word Count blog. It’s quite the departure for me. I hope you’ll like it.

But on to this week’s Word Count Wednesday! Last week our magic number was at 25,028 words. I admit I was feeling a little burnt out after last week so I found it a little hard to write this week.

What I did write I think is very crucial to the story. I’m to the point in the book where we’re full steam ahead! There will be so much packed into the second half of the book.

So with that in mind, our word count for the week is now

27, 342 words.

And next week will be a little low too because I will not have my computer for a few days. But I will make up for it the week after that! That’s for sure.

The reason why I won’t be with my computer is starting tomorrow I’m heading to volunteer at Heroes and Villains fanfest with some cool actors. I’m looking forward to meeting some new people as well. So next week I will give you an update from there as well.

Have a good one everybody!


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