Word Count Wednesday #10

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to Word Count Wednesday. Hope you’re all having a great hump day! I know I have been working hard lately, not just at work but on my next novel. Usually the numbers have been slowly creeping higher. Not this week! Nope. They took a huge step forward.

For two reasons. One is to make up for a lackluster December, I’m pouring all my energies into making up for it in January. For example, for all the month of December I wrote 7,047 words. That’s averaging less than 1,800 words a week. In January so far I’m averaging more than 2,100 words a week. And don’t worry, math lessons are over for the week!

The other reason why is I will be without my computer for a few days next week. But that’s a good thing. I’m doing something really fun and I won’t really be writing. I will explain it in another blog before I go.

Last week my word count was at 20,688. And this week my total is……



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