Word Count Wednesday # 9 & More!

Earlier today I posted a new interview with my business partner Jeremy Croston. Well, I’m back for more. Not only is it Word Count Wednesday, but I’m back with a few other updates that quite frankly couldn’t wait.

Last week my count was at 18,120. Am I happy with the word count? No. I’m not. I’m not making excuses but work was very busy in the month of December. More than I expected. Plus I was sick. So I have been pushing myself even further to make sure I get back on track. And I feel like that I have. Despite a lackluster December, I am still on schedule to be finished with the writing part of it by the very beginning of March.

Before I get too ahead of myself with updates, today’s word count is…


I had a post a few weeks ago talking about short stories. I posted two Katie Christmas stories after that. Well, starting next week I’m going to start posting parts of a story I’m writing. It is completely different than anything you have ever read from me. It’s just a few pages long, but to me it’s the most personal bit of writing I could possibly do. I don’t know where else I could include this story, so posting it here makes the most sense. I hope you will like it. Like I said, it’s different. I don’t even know how to describe it. But to me it’s something that needs to be told. And doing it now, makes sense to me. And really only me. And that’s okay.

Back to Time Traveler’s Journal… I’m really enjoying the story. The characters are a little more complex than what I have written before. I am half tempted to post a little scene here just to get some reaction. We will see what I can come up with. I’m almost half way done with it.

This definitely is the biggest project I have ever been a part of. And I have to say it’s coming along great. Two people have read bits and pieces of it and enjoyed it.


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