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It feels like forever since I got to use this logo! But we’re back with another interview. This time I’m sitting here with my business partner Jeremy Croston. He just released a new book called “The Negative Man: City Of Chaos”

Jeff: Congratulations on the release of you new book The Negative Man: City of Chaos. This is quite the departure from your other releases. What inspired you to do a book about super heroes and villains?

Jeremy: I wanted to do something different.  But in the same time, I wanted a topic that was timeless, but also broad enough where you could do your own thing.  I feel the super hero/super villain story gives you that ability.

Jeff: Oh I agree. And let’s face it, it’s the big thing right now. Supers on your TV and in the movies. Do you find it’s almost more fun to write about villains as opposed to heroes? They have less restrictions after all.

Jeremy: I do.  Let’s face it, a hero can really be written a select number of ways.  A villain is basically up to your imagination.  What makes him bad?  Does he have qualities that are redeemable?  Are there people he cares about?

Jeff: I completely agree. It’s kind of like the world of pro wrestling. Being a heel is just more fun. And a hero is only as good as villain is. I think you have shown the strength of both your hero and your villain this time around.  Even though you have said it will be a trilogy, if you came up with more ideas can you forsee yourself writing more?

Jeremy: Interestingly enough, I plan to have a lot of supplemental material that’ll be free for readers on my blog and on a website called Wattpad.  I’ll explore the characters more, going back into their past to show how they became the people in the present day novel.  I plan to do that between each of the releases to keep interest and interact with the readers.

Jeff: Very cool. I think a lot of readers will appreciate that there will be plenty of free material about characters that they enjoy. I don’t think enough writers do that. So in your young writing career, you have dealt with mythology, vampires and werewolves and now super heroes. What do you envision will be the next big world you step into?

Jeremy: Great question!  Believe it or not, I have a novel, partially written that is boxing based.  It features a boxer that hit rock bottom and works his way up.  There is a heavy dose of romance in it too.

Jeff: And sports! Awesome! Of all the characters you have written, do you have a favorite? I mean I know it’s hard to chose.

Jeremy: My favorite is The Dark Lion.  I know he’s the hero, but he’s flawed.  The dude has been doing it for so long that he’s lost his way a little bit and is crossing that line of hero and more into anti-hero or even worse.

Jeff: I agree. I think that you need to make a hero flawed. Is there a character you’ve created you’d do differently?

Jeremy: Jack Skelton from the first book.  Knowing what I know now, I’d make him a bit more down to earth and not so gungho on everything.  Sometimes I wonder if it came across a little cheesy.

Jeff: If it makes you feel better I never viewed Jack as cheesy. There was definitely some unique marketing done with this new book. Is that the hardest part of being an independent author? Marketing?

Jeremy: You can attest to this too.  When you don’t have a publisher behind you pushing your stuff for you, everything that’s done is done by your hand.  You need practice, patience, and just the ability to keep trying.  We will fail multiple times before we succeed.  If you can’t handle that, writing isn’t for you.

Jeff: Oh definitely I know that feeling. But I think that once you’ve mastered the art of marketing, it can make a world of difference.  I want to thank you for sitting down for this interview. Congratulations on the book. Reviews have been great and as well they should be. Anything you’d like to say to your readers?

Jeremy: I write because I am passionate about it and I hope that shows.  The Negative Man has been well received and I hope more people discover it soon!

Jeff: I think it shows! Thank you for your time. Check out Jeremy’s blog at at: You can buy his books at this link.


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