The Winter Tale of Frothy the Snowman #6 (reader discretion advised)



*Sing along everyone!*

Frothy the Snowman, he loved to drink his beer, he even got behind the wheel and hit an eight point deer!

Down in the village, with a bottle in his hand, he drank and played, all night and day, until he won a grand!

There must’ve been some magic in that frothy ale he drank, he when he had a dozen and one, he cussed out Uncle Frank!

Oh, Frothy the Snowman, he knew his time was up, so he paid his tab, slapped and ass, then melted into his cup!

::scene start::

Nicholas The Red stood in his workshop. Gathered in a semi circle all around him was Benson The Barkeep, Randolph Reindeer, Blitzed The Reindeer, and Jake Frost.

“Okay, so this town has been dealing with the same issue for the last few years and quite honestly, I’m sick and tired about it,” Nicholas said. “He has broken every law now that he has added snowmocide to the list. So I have gathered you all here because we’re going to put an end to it.”
“Can we have a moment of silence for Gabby?” Benson spoke up.
Immediately Benson regretting that as Nicholas The Red shot him an angry look. “No one liked her. She was always on my naughty list and not even the good kind!”
“But she was one of my best clients. She was there every night…”
“She was hoping someone got so drunk that they found her attractive. Never happened. I agree with Big Red,” Jake said.
Nicholas ran his gloved hand through his thick white beard. “There are five of us and only one of Frothy. I’m open to ideas on how we can rid this town of him once and for all.”
“You’re not suggesting we kill him, are you?” Randolph asked. His red nose began to glow.
“You got a better idea?” Nicholas shot back.
“Doesn’t that make us as bad as he is….?”
“I can live with that,” Nicholas said coldly. “So? Anyone got any ideas?”
The five of them stood there in silence, looking at each other. They each hoped someone else would have an idea. The silence was broken when the door swung open and Elmer hobbled in. He was bandaged head to toe and walked thanks to his crutches.
“Yeah, I have an idea. Nicholas? I know that Christmas is around the corner but I want your elves to stop what they’re doing. Instead….” Elmer’s voice was menacing. The rest of the group leaned in closer… “I want them to build a giant hair dryer. We’re going to melt that son of a….”
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