Short Story-palooza

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Happy Friday everybody. Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. I know that I have my Holiday dinner for work tomorrow. I won’t be completely healthy for it, but I will make the best out of it!

I wanted to come to you to let you know that a lot of things will be happening here on the blog in the next 6 weeks. In addition to Word Count Wednesday and the continuing adventure of Frothy the Snowman, there will be a few other things happening as well!

First and foremost, while this blog was started to keep people updated about my writing, it could be used for so much more. Every single entry has been about my writing. I would like to think that I’m much more than just a writer. So from time to time, we will be discussing a lot of different issues. Mostly pop culture stuff of course. But you never know.

I am enjoying co-authoring the Frothy stories for you (and I hope that you’re enjoying them as well, but I want to do more. So within the next week, there will be an original short story (or parts of one, anyway). I wanted to go back and revisit some old friends. So we’re going to see how some of my characters from my previous books celebrate the holidays too. So keep your eyes open for that as well!

And then after the holidays are over, I plan on showing you a different side of me. I started a short story that I will start to roll out to you. Hopefully it will inspire me to finish it!

I hope you have a great weekend. Have a good one everybody!


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