The Wintery Tale Of Frothy The Snowman # 2 (Reader discretion Advised)


Sing Along Everyone!

“Frothy the Snowman loved to drink his beer, he even got behind the wheel and hit an eight point deer!

Down in the village, with a bottle in his hand, he drank and played, all night and day, until he won a grand.

There must’ve been some magic in that frothy ale he drank, for when he had a dozen and one, he cussed out Uncle Frank!

Oh, Frothy the Snowman, he knew his time was up, so he settled his tab, smacked an ass, and melted into his cup!

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:Scene Start:

Randolph The Reindeer sat at the bar. Benson brought him another bottle of his favorite beer “Reindeer Games.” His arm was still in the sling but his shiner was healing. Randolph raised his glass. “Frothy again?”

Benson the Bar Keep just smiled at him. There was a slight nod to his head. “Quite the temper on that one. That’s for sure,” Benson remarked.
“I remember when he used to be such a good guy. He was warm,” Randolph stopped and chuckled to himself. “Well as warm as a snowman can be anyway. He was friendly. He used to have a sense of humor.” Randolph shook his head. “Those were the good old days.”
A voice came from the crowd at the tables behind Randolph. “How would you feel if you caught your wife in bed with your best friend? Sure you’d go a little crazy too.”
The crowd in front of the voice parted. Standing just three feet tall stood, Elmer Elf. His white beard dangled all the way to the floor. “I guess you have a point there, Elmer.” Randolph said. He took a chug of his beer.
“What can I get you?” Benson asked the diminutive customer.
“Nothing. I’m here to retrieve this guy.. The Boss man is looking for you. He wants to do another test run.”
“But…” Randolph looked sad. “I was enjoying my Reindeer Games.” He took another long chug of his beer. “Oh fine.”
“Oh no. You’re not going anywhere…” a menacing voice echoed through the bar. Everyone stopped and saw Frothy standing in the doorway.
“Um, Frothy? Hi. How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough….” Elmer ran towards the door. He tried to sneak between the snowman’s left leg and the door. “Not so fast Elf.”….

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