Three more key characters!

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Good Monday morning to you. I don’t know where you’re reading this, but if you’re anywhere on the East Coast there’s a good chill in the air. I even saw someone on Facebook complain it’s 52 in Florida. Look out!

So last week I started talking about some of the new characters in The Time Traveler’s Journal. I introduced you to Shane and Catherine.

And now let me introduce you to a few more. The next three characters are all college students. We will meet all three characters at the very beginning of Chapter 3.

First we have Lynn House. She’s a science major with various interests that we will learn about. She’s smart, but can get easily distracted.

Next up we have Daniel Savage. He’s also a science major. He can be a bit of a skeptic. He’s one of those people that as soon as something is in front of him, he will believe it. But the doubts will always creep into his mind before that.

And finally we have Sandra Yeoh. She’s the definition of book smart. She’s also very no non-sense. She’s very analytical as well. She will stare at a problem for hours at end until she figures it out, very rarely asking for help with those problems.

Lynn, Daniel and Sandra are three very different characters that will be central to the plot in their own ways.

Who else will we meet along the way? I guess you will have to check back here to find out!

See you on Word Count Wednesday. Have a good one everybody!


3 thoughts on “Three more key characters!”

  1. Aren’t you worried about naming one of your main characters after a well-known author and journalist? I don’t think enough people read your stuff for it to be an issue but I’d be worried. I wouldn’t name one of my characters Arianna Huffington.


    1. Hi Gabby. I appreciate your comment. However I guess he can’t be that well known since I had never heard of him. And he goes by Dan Savage, not Daniel. So thank you for bringing it to my attention and for the back handed comment about “not enough people reading my stuff to make it an issue”.

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