Wordcount Wednesday # 2

Word Count Wednesday


Happy Word Count Wednesday! Another stellar job by the graphics department though the logo is just a little too big. If we could go ahead and shrink it just a bit for next week, yeah… That’d be great.

So last week I started this new feature called Word Count Wednesday. What is it? Well simple really, I go into a little bit about how much I wrote in the last week giving you weekly up to the second info on word counts. As always my goal is around 50,000 words for each book. But of course if I go over that number, I won’t just stop. That’s around the minimum of what I will write. If I write 60,70,80,000 than so be it.

When I left you last week, I had written 4,297. Again I want to apologize because it’s not nearly as much as I was hoping for for this week. Something about this book is going to be very tricky for me. It’s on a much bigger scale so there are elements of it that I’m struggling with.

With that in mind, drum roll please…… The word count stands at 6, 448 words. I keep leaving scenes in the middle of writing them which is something I don’t really like doing. I have to get out of the habit of that!

The new stuff I have written go more into the connection that Shane and Catherine are feeling. Don’t know who Shane or Catherine are? Well go back and read Monday’s blog for a brief introduction to them. I’ve also introduced three more characters that will play an important role in the rest of the book. To find out more about those three characters, come back on this coming Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your Word Count Wednesday. If you want to reach out to me, go ahead at Jefftrel@Gmail.com or tweet me at @Trel67. I’d love to hear from you! Have a good one everybody!


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