Two characters from Time Traveler’s Journal

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Good Monday Morning readers! I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did.

Before I get started, I want to thank anyone that was a part of the Two Dudes Brews and Books Relaunch Extravaganza we held on last Thursday. Yeah we hit a rough patch at one point, but the Two Dudes found a way to kick up a notch. It wasn’t a mild success. No, it smashed both Jeremy’s and my expectation. So thank you everyone!

I am enjoying my work on The Time Traveler’s Journal. It is so different from anything I have written before. In fact I think it’s not just a step but a huge jump forward for me. I have said that I will not be as free flowing with releasing scenes from this one as I have in the past. I want to keep a little mystery with this one. The best word I can use to describe this book is ambitious. I was almost late to work the other day because I got caught up in the scene that I’m writing. Always a good thing, except for my boss. He wouldn’t like that at all!

I’m going to introduce you (briefly) to the two main characters from The Time Traveler’s Journal now.

First there’s Shane. As soon as you really get to know Shane, you will know that there’s something very off about the man. He’s dark, mysterious and a bit brooding. He’s a smooth talker, but the one thing that you will know that the other characters around him won’t know is that he’s hiding a big secret. What’s that secret you ask? Well, I can’t just go ahead and give you that kind of detail. Not right now. Good try, readers. Good try.

He meets Catherine, a beautiful professor at a pretty good university in town. She’s drawn to Shane in ways she couldn’t imagine. She’s married, but somehow she’s drawn to him as well. There’s a chemistry between the two of them that neither can deny. But due to the circumstances, they both try to deny it anyway.

Come back next week and I will tell you about some more major characters that you will meet when you read the Time Traveler’s Journal. Oh writer’s pun!

Until then, Have a good one everybody!


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