Word Count Wednesday # 1

Welcome to a new segment here on my blog. In order to keep me accountable for the writing of the Time Traveler’s Journal, I’m starting Word Count Wednesday. Every Wednesday that I’m in the process of writing, I am going to inform you the readers just what I’m working on. There’s a few different reasons for this. The major one is I don’t want to give away a lot of what I’m doing. With previous books I have offered you scenes and excerpts from what I’m working on. This time around I want to build some surprises. I’m sure I will give you a morsel or two as I write, but it won’t be quite like the previous three books. I will have the Design Team come up with a logo for Word Count Wednesday starting with next week.

So as I sat down to the write this week, I had 3,122 words written. It was a full chapter and a scene into Chapter 2. Well, last night before I decided to do this segment I sat down and did some more writing. So as it stands the book is at 4,297 words. I’m still in Chapter 2, but a major scene is in the process of being written.

As it stands right now in those 4,297 words we have met the two main characters (more on them next week). They are the only characters we have met, but they are both so crucial to the story. In Chapter three we will meet the rest of the main characters.

This book is so different than the others I have written. For me the hardest part is limiting the amount of comedy. I had written part of a scene and then had to delete two sentences because as great as it would have been, it would have been out of character for our main character. Ultimately it is for the best.

I want you to come back to this segment after you have read the book and pictured the main character sitting at the bar using barbecue chicken wings as drum sticks to the music blast from the jukebox. Then tell me it would have been great to keep it in! Until next week, don’t forget about the Two Dudes, Brews & Books re-launch party on Facebook tomorrow. Five authors joining together for a good time! Come on over! https://www.facebook.com/events/926159184129883/


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