My Three Books

Jefftrelbooks Logo (7)

Oh graphics department. You’re so silly! This is now the seventh logo you’ve designed for me! Don’t get me wrong! I appreciate the effort. Oh well.

So with my third book coming out last week I thought I would just make a little blog showing my three covers. Which one do you like best?

Official Book Cover - Everything Comes Full Circle

And while I’m at it, I will give you a little description. Just in case you missed it. Because I’m not against selfless promotion.

Everything Comes Full Circle is a comedy drama about a small New England school who reunites the cast of the most successful show in school history to perform the show nine years later. The school finally has a new auditorium to perform in so they want to open it up with style. They find that no matter how long they have been a part, they fell right back into the same old cliques and same behavior they had back in high school

Paranormal Contact

The first in a planned trilogy. Four friends in need of excitement set off in a paranormal contest. Jason and Greg are trying to prove ghosts exist. Shawn and Brad are trying to prove aliens exist. Will either group find what they are looking for? And what else will they find along the way?


Jason, Tanya, Katie and Greg are back in the second installment in the Paranormal Contact Series. This time they travel to St. Augustine Florida. They meet some locals that set them up on a case that is very personal. In the sequel everything is increased. What will they find by the old Lighthouse? Or I guess the better question will be who will they find?


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