Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Jason Grant (Paranormal Contact Vol 1 and 2)

Special thanks to Jeremy and Marc for this interview with Jason Grant from Paranormal Contact series

5 Good Minutes

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Jeremy:  Happy (almost) Halloween everyone!  Welcome back to Epic Interviews! and with my today is another Paranormal crewmember, Mr. Jason Grant!  ::Cue canned applause::

Jason:  Well I wasn’t expecting that kind of welcome, but I’ll take it.  Thanks for having me.

Marc:  So, you’re the lead investigator when it comes to searching for the ghost evidence, right?

Jason:  Well I do have the most experience investigating the paranormal.  Until they met me, most didn’t even believe in this stuff.  So yeah, I just never thought of it like that.

Jeremy:  What made you get into this?  An event in your childhood?

Jason:  Every time I went over to my uncle’s house, he would tell me these stories.  They ranged from ghosts and aliens to Nessie and Bigfoot.  My first real encounter happened when I was a kid.  It might’ve been my imagination, but it sure felt like I saw something.

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