Paranormal Contact Volume 2 Is Available

Good Thursday morning everyone. As you can see the graphics department was too busy celebrating the release of Paranormal Contact Volume 2, they didn’t design a new logo this time and I’m okay with that.

That’s right. Paranormal Contact Volume 2 was released at noon yesterday, 12 hours earlier than expected. I guess the demand was so high for it the fine people at Amazon released it early.

I really hope that everyone will enjoy Paranormal Contact Volume 2. I have said several times it is the best book of the three I have written.

Of course that will hopefully change because I am now beginning work on my next book. So you won’t hear me talk about Paranormal Contact Vol. 2 anymore. Onward to something new. New characters. New world. But Jason, Greg, Tanya and Katie will all be back soon!



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