Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Katie Wilder (Paranormal Contact series)

Special thanks to Jeremy and Marc for this interview.

5 Good Minutes

Epic Interviews Logo

Jeremy:  Hey hey hey everyone, it’s time for another Epic Interview!

Marc:  It’s about time!  I thought maybe you retired.

Jeremy:  Nope, I’m still here.  And today we have a special guest, give it up for Katie Wilder!

Katie:  Good afternoon Jeremy, how are you?  I have a few minutes to spare before I get on my flight.

Jeremy:  Thanks for taking a hot minute to talk to us.  So, let’s start with an easy one.  Where are you headed too?

Katie:  I’m headed to St. Augustine, Florida to meet up with Greg.

::cue spooky music::

Marc:  Going on any cool ghost adventures?

Jeremy:  Marc asks a good question.  Last time you and Greg were together, it was at that haunted old bed and breakfast you work at.  St. Augustine is a pretty old city from what I hear.

Katie:  Hey Marc, didn’t see you over there.  Yeah, I’m sure…

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