There’s Nothing To Report

JeffTrelBooks Logo (5)

Happy Late Monday everyone. As you can see the home office of Two Dudes is clearly punking me at this point with a new logo each week. But I humor them each time.

So yeah, As the title says there’s nothing to report. Everything is looking good for a release later this month for Paranormal Contact Vol. 2. I haven’t really written anything in a few weeks, so when it comes to the new book I will be fresh and ready to go.

At this time next week, I should have an understanding of how long Paranormal Contact Volume 2 will be. I will make sure to let you know that. In the mean time check out our podcast or search us on Itunes. If you have any questions feel free to email me at I promise I respond to every email I get. Which at this point, is 0.

Have a good one everybody


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