More Updates about Paranormal Contact Vol. 2

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Welcome back everyone! As you can see the graphics department is having problem with their short term memory as they have sent me yet another new logo. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it and all. I like how it’s Halloween colored too. Nice touch guys!

Okay, so where do we stand on Paranormal Contact Volume 2? It’s in the hands of my editor. He is about halfway done editing it. For those that missed it, it will be released officially on October 28th, just in time for Halloween.

This time around I think I amped everything up. The paranormal starts off early this time since we all ready know all the main characters, so we don’t have to spend time learning about them. In Paranormal Contact Volume 1 there’s not a lot of issues between the characters. They all get along. Well, there’s more disconnect between the characters this time around as well. Not everything is perfect for them.

There’s a great twist with one of the newer characters that I hope people will enjoy as well. You might pick up on it early, but you might not.

And right after I finish with all the details of getting Paranormal Contact I will start work on my fourth novel! I’m so excited to get it out there!

So there you go. If you have any questions about Paranormal Contact feel free to email me at or tweet me at @Trel67.

Have a good one everybody!


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