The True Need For Editing

JefftrelBooks Logo (3)

Good Monday afternoon everybody. Sorry I’m a little late. I normally post in the mornings but that’s probably going to change in the immediate future.

I got to the Two Dudes’ Satellite Office in Connecticut and the graphics department designed me another new logo. I’m not sure if they remember sending me two previous logos. But I will humor them and and post their hard work.

So Paranormal Contact Volume 2 is almost done being edited. I have 16 pages left to go with that so I will hammer that out tonight. Then I will send it out to my editor. From there I will start setting up everything I need to do to get it out to you.

I will admit something to you my loyal readers something that an author really should never admit. When it came to Everything Comes Full Circle it was edited in a rush. And quite frankly it showed. So I went back and re-edited it when I put it in paperback. And since then I have been extremely careful in editing.

In editing PC Volume 2, I found an error so hilarious it needs to be shared in it’s unedited form. There’s a line in the book that says “Don’t get me wrong, if the shoe was on the foot…” Or at least that’s how it was supposed to read. Instead the line read “Don’t get me wrong, if the shoe was on the food…” I mean come on, Me. The T and the D buttons aren’t even close! Hopefully when you read it, there won’t be any more hysterical errors like that.

Have a good one everybody!


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