Today’s The Final Day

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The graphics department at Two Dudes, Brews and Books is really working overtime for me. Here’s the new logo for my blog. It’s elegant and simple. And I don’t pay the graphics department much. As you can tell!

But that’s not the only thing they have made for me. There’s a new banner that I use for Paranormal Contact Volume Two. What do you think?

Paranormal Contact Vol 2 Banner

For those that have never been to St. Augustine before, That’s the Old Jail, The Lighthouse and Castillo De San Marcos which all play important parts in Paranormal Contact Volume Two.

So yeah, as you see from today’s title today is the final day. I finish writing Paranormal Contact Volume Two today. I have three scenes to write. And then I go into editing mode! I hope that you will like it!

I have even written the additional scene that will actually be part of Paranormal Contact Volume 3. Even though it’s not my next project, I wanted to include a glimpse into the future with PC Vol. 2.

With Paranormal Contact Volume 2 schedule for a release in late October, I will release Paranormal Contact Volume 1 for free a week before hand to get people ready. I will have official dates possibly with next week’s blog.


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