Naming a character.

Welcome back to my blog! Before I go any further, I want to apologize for how bad the title of my last blog was. It was like I was trying to combine two sentences. Both were good sentences, until you put them together. Then it became major gibberish.

Paranormal Contact Volume 2 is almost done! And because of that I’m in serious planning mode for my next book. It is still yet untitled. For a great description of it, check out the Re-Introductions podcast of Two Dudes’ Podcast now on both Podomatic and Itunes. It’s a shameless plug I know. For those of you that won’t fall for my plug, the next book will be sci-fi but I’m stepping away from Jason, Tanya, Katie and Greg temporarily. It will involve time travel (such a tricky subject to do right) and just how far someone will go to save their family.

I have the main characters all named by now. But I’m coming up with the names for some of the secondary characters. Having the right names is a very important feature, As a writer I picture what the character will look like and go from there. I am also tracking every single character name I use so that I don’t use the same first names too often. However, the name Steve has appeared in all 3 of my books in two different characters. So that name will be retired for the time being.

There’s just something about the right name that makes the character come to life. Am I alone in that? Perhaps. But I’m okay with that.

In addition to the time travel book, I’m working on a short story (also untitled at this point) to cater to two people who prefer no language in their stories. Well one won’t read with language, one won’t read with scary stuff. So this will bring me back towards “Everything Comes Full Circle” . I’m also considering taking another old screenplay that might make a good book into a novel. I’m not sure. I have a lot of plans for the future.

Have a good one everybody!


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