Things I knew I had to improve on

I know. I know. I normally blog on a Monday. It’s Wednesday. Where was I? Kidnapped by aliens? Researching for my next project. Yeah, we will go with that one. Researching.

As I have mentioned, I’m a new author. My first book was published just earlier this year. My second book a few months later. So yeah, I am by no means a perfect writer. Something you should probably understand about me. I started off as a screenwriter. One of the rules of screenwriting is not to put too much stage direction. If a director wants a certain action in a scene, he will add it. Only put in action that is critical for that scene.

However, writing books is a completely different thing. I have heard a few times that there is too much dialogue and not enough action in my first books. I would like to think that I toned down the dialogue a little bit in Paranormal Contact Volume 1. Well I can assure you this, there is a lot more action and description in Paranormal Contact Volume 2.

Another thing I was told about my writing is I introduce characters the exact same way. We meet them. I tell you their age. I tell you their hair color and what they are wearing. (I had a bad habit of also changing tense for that as well). That was another thing I worked on for Paranormal Contact Volume 2. Descriptions are different.

As a new writer, I am always evolving. I would hope that you as the reader can see an improvement from one book to another. And with my third effort, I think once again I’m improving.

When Paranormal Contact Vol. 2 comes out I want you the readers to be honest with me? Contact me and tell me (constructively as best you can) what I still need to work on. It’s the only way as a writer I’m going to get better.

Several times in the last few blogs I have mentioned I think this is the best book I have written. And it just keeps getting better. A scene I wrote this past weekend just might be the best scene I’ve written. Granted I’m biased to my own work. Hopefully you will agree.

And now it’s time for some cheap plugs for me:

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