Timeline for the future

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Welcome back and happy Labor Day to everyone! Hope you’re having a good 3 day weekend for those with that benefit.

With Paranormal Contact Volume 2 coming to an end in the very near future, I wanted to just share a bit of a timeline with you for what I see coming down the road.

I plan to be officially be done writing Paranormal Contact Volume 2 by the first week of October. From there, it will be in the hands of my editor. He usually takes about a week or two to edit. He does have a lot going on after all. After he’s done, I will do one last stab at editing as well, just to catch any errors that may have slipped through. It happens. We are both humans the last time I looked.

The cover has been designed. I will set it up for release the last week of October. It will be available first in e-form and then (hopefully!) a few days later it will be available in paperback form.

And from there, I seriously start working on my fourth novel! I’m seriously excited for this one. I’m stepping away from the world of Jason, Greg, Katie and Tanya for a little while. Don’t worry. They will return in Paranormal Contact Volume 3. But after spending so much time with them, I’m going to give them a break.

I think the fourth book will be published in the 2nd quarter of 2016. As it stands right now, I’m targeting first week of April for it’s release. I think that will be an excellent birthday present for me.

Once the fourth book comes out, I will return to Paranormal Contact Volume 3. That will be the end of the series as far as full novels. I’m considering doing a short story or two based off the characters. I have an idea for at least one short story. So we will see. So I expect Paranormal Contact Volume 3 to be another Halloween release.

From there, I have a few other ideas that I’m contemplating working on as well. I have been told by at least two people close to me that they won’t read books with cursing in it, so I’m going to have to work on an idea or two for them as well. I do like to cater to my audience the best that I can.

What do you think? I really hope that you will continue along with me as I become a better writer. If there’s an idea that you want to see as a novel, let me know. Maybe we can plan together!

Have a good one everybody. Please tune into to this week’s podcast for a very special announcement!


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