I tried to help….

A few weeks ago I started a segment I called “Authors Helping Authors Interviews”. It was simple. I wanted to help writers who were struggling to get their books sold. Such as me. I enjoyed answering questions for the three interviews I did, so I wanted to give other author’s a chance. I know that I have followers of this blog. So I figured if I could get their names out there, it would help with sales.

The only problem is I couldn’t find many people who wanted to be interviewed. I put out requests on Twitter and in author groups I belong to on Facebook. Authors Helping Authors only work if people wanted to be interviewed. Unfortunately no one seemed to want to.

So I have temporarily suspended Authors Helping Authors. If people step forward and want to be interviewed when they have a new book coming out, I will gladly help. But I can’t force it. Unfortunately.

In the mean time, I’m even closer to the end of Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I’ve said it before. I will continue to say it. This is the best piece of writing I have ever done.

Have a good on everybody.


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