The home stretch of Paranormal Contact Volume 2 – Odd Ramblings

Yup. I have just over 30 pages left to write at this point. I have the entire ending in my head all set, I just need to get there. Storyline wise I just have a few hours to fill. I’m approaching the big reveal with the paranormal of course playing an important part of it.

There’s a character who’s intentions are never clear, but we are about ready to find out why he’s as guarded and as obsessed with a particular case. To me it will be a fun reveal. I hope that you will enjoy it as much. There’s a small hint early in the book that can easily be missed. I’m counting on a lot of people missing it just so the reveal will be that more impactful.

I also realized that this is my third book, but it’s really the first time I’ve had two characters who are siblings in it. In Everything Comes Full Circle, there are siblings. But only one of them ever appears, one is only mentioned a few times. I don’t know why i thought this was strange for me. In PC Vol 2 there are 3 sisters but again only one appears on the page. But there is actually two brothers that have a lot to do with the story.

If you read Paranormal Contact Volume One you will know about the demon story. Well it is brought up again this time around. We get part 2 of the demon story, especially since it ended on kind of a cliff hanger.

Next week I will post another scene or two, I think.

Have A Good One, Everybody


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