Cover Reveal for Paranormal Contact Volume Two

Welcome everybody to cover reveal for Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I have been hard at work on it. The goal of any writer is to have his or her next book be better than the last. I truly think that everything about this book is better than Paranormal Contact Volume One. Which in turn is better than Everything Comes Full Circle. I think I have come a long way as an author in the six months since the release of Everything Comes Full Circle.

The characters have more depth I think and more importantly there are some surprises that I hope that you will enjoy. I basically have the ending written in my head. I just need to get to that point. I am about 60 % done with it, so I’m definitely in the home stretch.

But the book needs a cover? Right? Before I reveal it, I want to thank my business partner. He designed the cover for Paranormal Contact Volume One. He made the cover for this one too, and then I made a slight change to it to make it more authentic. So thank you, Jeremy!

I hope you will like it:



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