A Twist You Never See Coming…

Good Monday Morning everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did. I had my yearly family picnic and learned I’m pretty good at Cornhole.

Do you know that feeling as a reader when a twist comes up that you never saw coming. It electrifies you the rest of the book for you, right? Well guess what. The same thing happens as a writer. Especially when you’re writing something and figure out an awesome twist that you never planned. I recently experienced that myself as a writer. There are a few plot twists that I am very excited about in Paranormal Contact Volume 2 that I can’t wait to get people’s reactions.

I ran one of them by my business partner Jeremy on Friday. He loved the idea. But there’s a big twist that will be the grand finale that is under lock and key. I will not reveal it to anyone until the book is released. That’s how excited I am for this.

Speaking of Jeremy, he has started to write character interviews for his books. And here was nice enough to let Shawn Christopher come on for an interview the other day. I posted about it earlier. To read all his character interviews, check out: https://ragnarokonice.wordpress.com/ because Shawn isn’t the only Paranormal Contact character who will be interviewed. This week’s it’s Villain week after all.

To give you an idea of where I am in Paranormal Contact Volume 2, I’m just past the half way mark. Two works and I’m at 28,000 words. I’m about to do some more writing today. My goal is to hit the 30,000 word mark by the end of the day and tie in another big part of Paranormal Contact Volume 1.

Later in the week, we will have another Author’s Helping Author’s interview. I hope you are enjoying them. I know I am.

Since it’s Monday, I will share this week’s Monday Motivation for Authors from my twitter: Everyone one of your characters should have flaws. No one is perfect. Not even fictional characters.

Have a good one everybody!


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