Monday Motivation

I like Twitter. It gives me a chance to express myself in 140 characters or less. And every Monday there’s a hashtag #Monday Motivation. The last few weeks I have been doing two Monday Motivations. One is for motivation in life. I mean I’m not inspiration speaker or anything. But the last year has been rough on me. So I think I know a little something about needing that extra motivation.

The second motivation I do on a Monday is directed for writers. I figure it’s a good way to help inspire others as well. So for those of you that don’t have Twitter or don’t follow me I wanted to share my last few Monday Motivation for Writers:

Today was: Make your characters has relatable as possible. Someone just might connect with them and have a new favorite character.

Last week I said: The word count does not matter. Don’t write words just to have words on the page, write words that mean something.

I look forward to next Monday’s Motivation. They are fun to write. If you want to see what I write, follow me at @Trel67

And check back a little later today as the first Authors Helping Authors interview will be posted with Author Jack Crosby.

Have a good one everybody


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