Ideas for at least a year

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a mini family picnic this Saturday so it’s always good to see family.

As it stands right now, I have ideas for books to last me through the vast majority of 2016. Paranormal Contact Volume 2 will be released in late October. From there I will work on an untitled project that is a clear deviation from my previous books. There will be Sci-Fi in it, but as far as tone it will be a three hundred sixty degree turn. I am really looking forward to working on that project. My business partner has heard the idea for it and is really intrigued with the idea. So I’m hoping that the readers will as well.

After the untitled project is complete, I will wrap up the Paranormal Contact series with Paranormal Contact Volume 3. I’m also targeting a October 2016 release for that, but those plans can easily be changed. More likely than not it will be bumped up.

After that, I have no plans really. I’m on the look out for other ideas that may spark my interest. I guess time will tell on that one.

Speaking of Paranormal Contact Volume 2, it’s coming along nicely as I posted earlier this weekend. I’m at the point in the story where a few troublemakers are about to arrive on the scene in the form of Shawn and Brad. As I have mentioned before they won’t be as important to this story as they were to Volume 1. And I know Shawn’s role for Volume 3 as well. Even my business partner doesn’t know what the plans for Volume 3 are.

You wanna know? Well… it’s under lock and key right now. Sorry! I know that was mean.

My next blog will be the first of my author interviews. We will sit down and have a conversation with an associate of Two Dudes, Brews and Books Mr. Jack Crosby. I even have next week’s interview lined up too. I’m excited for this!


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