New Scene anaylsis

Happy weekend everyone! My computer has been really acting up lately, so it hasn’t really let me do any writing lately. I think I should still be on schedule for the release that I’m planning for with this one though so that’s a good thing.

But today it seems to be all right today so I’m taking the opportunity to do some serious writing. As of right now I have written 1533 words to the story. It’s all been one scene as well.

While we know a lot about Jason, Greg, Tanya and Katie we don’t know much about the newer characters that are introduced in the book. So the scene I just wrote focuses on three of them. A few blog posts ago I talked about Steve, Miranda and Aaron. This scene I wrote gives them a little back story. It tells how they got into the field of ghost hunting. Well, it tells how two of them got into it. One of them is a little reluctant to tell his story… yet. There is small clues into the book earlier, but you have to pay attention! Will you pay attention?


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