Talked myself out of something this weekend

Good Monday morning. Hope you had a good weekend and that you celebrated your fathers. Especially if you yourself are a father! Happy belated Fathers Day.

I was prepping for the second third of Paranormal Contact Volume Two this weekend. I was debating adding another new character to the mix. Then I remembered all the issues that I had with Everything Comes Full Circle and the endless characters that were involved there. I’ve said it before, I will say it again. There were too many characters in ECFC. Other readers have agreed with me on that one as well.

The character I would have added really wouldn’t have contributed much to the story. She would have possibly helped another character out a bit, but as far as furthering the story between Jason, Tanya, Greg and Katie she would have done nothing for. She’d have been a third string character. So while I was close to adding her, I was smart enough to talk myself out of it. That does not mean the character might not still appear in the third book or get a mention in the second book. But as far as physically appearing, she will not.

Though I am curious what you the readers of the first book would think if I gave Shawn a girlfriend. Is that something that you think needs to be addressed? Let me know! Tweet me at @Trel67 or email me at As always you can always tweet the company too at @2dudesbrewsbooks.

Later this week I will also have a huge announcement about this website. Check back for that!


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