Character Growth

Good afternoon/evening/night/morning! Sorry I missed a week. I was off trying to make a big change in my life. It’s still up in the air, but I’m back for the time being anyway.

While I was gone I made a big realization about Paranormal Contact Volume One. Let’s face it, it really is the tale of Jason vs Shawn. Greg and Brad are the sidekicks of their travels, right? But no character in Volume One made more changes than Greg. When we first met him, he was a shy timid guy. By the end of the book, he (SPOILERS) had a girlfriend and stood up to his evil ex wife.

As I’m writing Volume Two, I wanted to keep him growing. And we do. But I’ve noticed that this time it’s more Jason who is changing more. I won’t get into details too much here, but in the beginning of the book he has a moment of unintentional selfishness. He will get called out on it and by the end of it, he will definitely make changes to correct that.

While I was gone, I will admit I didn’t really do a lot of writing. Since I’ve been back though I’ve done a little more. But this is why I gave myself more time on this one. I knew that it would be a little harder for me this time around. But I think that it’s coming along well. I hope that the readers enjoyed the scene I posted in the last blog.

Like I said, Volume One was Jason vs Shawn. Volume Two is more Jason/Tanya vs Greg/Katie. I really think that Greg and Katie’s roles are expanding greatly in Volume Two. Clearly Tanya is too because she’s in many more scenes as well.

I’m to the point that I’m almost ready to reintroduce Shawn and Brad to the group too.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! As always you can tweet me at @Trel67 or you can email me at I’d like to hear from you!

Have a good one everybody!


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