Paranormal Contact Volume Two Scene

Good Thursday afternoon everyone. On Monday I promised you a new scene from Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I have heard from a few people that they love the relationship between Greg and Katie. It’s almost enough for me to want to make a short story later on just about them. We shall see anyway.

Well anyway, here’s a fun scene between Greg and Katie. I hope that you will like it.


Greg and Katie sat at a corner booth at Scarlett O’Hara’s restaurant. They had appetizers in front of them as well as each of them having a beer bottle. Katie took a big swig from her bottle. Emily walked back up to the table.

“You guys must really like it here to come back twice in one day?” she asked.

‘Definitely a fun atmosphere, that’s for sure,” Katie responded.

“Quick question for you?” Greg asked.

“What is it?” Emily responded with a smile.

“I heard that the wine isn’t the only spirits that are around this place. Is that true?” Greg asked. Katie nodded her head.

“Our bosses don’t like us answering questions about it,” Emily said. “But I will tell you this. This restaurant used to be a house. The original owner died under mysterious conditions. He was found dead in his bath tub. The men’s room upstairs is where he was found. That’s probably where you should start.”

“Thanks Emily,” Katie responded. She smiled at them before walking off. “Well that sounds like it’s all you then.”

“Why is it all me?”

“You heard her. It’s in the men’s bathroom. You’re the only one at this table with a penis. I think that means that you should be the one to go check it out. Now go!” Katie said.

Greg gasped at her. He stood from his chair. “I shouldn’t be blamed because I have one. But fine! I will go.” He started to walk away from her to the stairs. He returned to the table quickly. “I’m telling you this. If we find a place where the women’s bathroom is haunted you are going in alone then!”

“Please. You’d go into the women’s bathroom if I told you to,” Katie grinned.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Greg kissed her on the cheek.

“I know. Now get going into that haunted bathroom!”

He smiled at her before he turned around and walked up the stairs. The steps creaked as he made his way up. When he got to the top of the stairs, he looked around. The top floor of the restaurant was a banquet sized room. All the tables and chairs were stacked against the wall. He ducked under a grey rope that blocked the entrance. Nervously, Greg looked around. He didn’t see anyone upstairs. The faint sounds of the restaurant downstairs were the only sounds in the air. Greg looked around again. He saw a paper sign on the wall indicating where the bathroom was. He walked in that direction.

Nervously looking around again, Greg leaned his body against the door and pushed it open. Quickly he stepped into the room. Looking around the room he saw two stalls and a sink. Greg reached into his pocket and pulled out a digital audio recorder and hit the record button on it.

“If there is anyone in the room with me right now, please make a sound? Tap on the wall if you’re here?” Greg said. He paused as he listened. The only sound he heard was the faint humming of the air conditioning vent that was in the middle of the room. “Um. My name is Greg. I heard what happened to you. I’m really sorry you lost your life. That’s terrible.” He paused again waiting for any sign. “Could you tell me your name?” Another pause. “Can you tell me exactly what happened to you? I’d like it if you told me.”

Greg got on his knees as he looked under the stall wall to make sure there was no one under there. He opened the first door and looked around. Something didn’t feel right. Greg bit gently down on his lower lip. He let the stall door close as he checked the other stall.

He walked to the center of the bathroom and spun around in a circle. Quietly he chuckled to himself. His head shook in disbelief. Quickly he stopped recording and slipped the tape recorder back in his pocket. Making his way back to the door, Greg hit the light switch on his way out the door. Greg turned right out the door, making his way to another door.

He stood against the door with his back and leaned back, opening the door. He poked his head inside.

“I’m a dumbass,” he said to no one. Inside this room he saw another bathroom stall and a sink. But next to the stall was a urinal. “It would help if you went into the right bathroom.” Greg looked at the time on his cellphone. He turned quickly out of the door and followed his original path down the stairs. He made his way back to Katie.

“Well? How was the haunted bathroom?” she asked.

“It was… okay.”

“Did something happen? You were gone a while so I thought maybe something happened while you were in there,” she said eagerly.

“No. Nothing happened. Nothing at all.” Greg sat back down in his chair. While he was gone, they got refills on their drinks and their entrees had arrived.

“Something seems a bit odd. What aren’t you telling me?”

He took a deep breath. “Well the reason why nothing happened is I… I went into the wrong bathroom.”

“What do you mean you went into the wrong bathroom? There are only two bathrooms up there…” Katie paused until she realized what he did. “You went into the women’s bathroom, didn’t you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Greg took a bite of the ribs that were in front of him.

“After you eat, you’re going to go back up there! And this time you might want to go into the right bathroom.”

“I went into the women’s room. That means you should go into men’s room this time. I will even stand outside and make sure no guy goes in there with you,” Greg smirked at himself.

“I’m afraid not.”

Greg took a big sip of his beer. “Fine. After I eat I will go back.”


Have a good one everybody!


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