The New Characters Of Volume Two

I don’t know where you’re reading this from, but it’s a dreary rainy Monday morning here in Connecticut. Hopefully the weather is better for you!

I’m back with a new update on Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I will admit to having hit a bit of writer’s block, but hopefully I will be able to push through it soon. That is the exact reason why I have given myself more time on this book, just in case this happens.

But I did want to tell you about some of the new characters that we will be meeting in Volume Two that will have a huge impact on our favorite characters from the first book.

First there is Harry Charles. There was something missing from the first book, and that is the role of the mentor. Well that’s where Harry comes in. He owns a local gift store. He’s a bit older than our main characters. He’s wise. He’s there to help with some important life lessons “that you just can’t learn in a book”. I really think that he could be a huge fan favorite in this one.

There’s also Steve Tango. He’s a bit eccentric. He likes to push people’s buttons but ultimately he is a good guy. Even though he’s not a classic villain, Steve and his two friends (that I will introduce next) accidentally cause some problems for the returning characters from Volume One.

Along with Steve comes his sarcastic friend Aaron Luther. Aaron’s family has been in town forever. His family goes back for many generations in town. So he knows about the history of the town and some of the reasons for what happens. Plus he has a brother that will come along with a very unique name….

Lastly there’s Miranda Willingham. She’s kind of the light side of Lisa from Volume One. She has no filter either, but she isn’t as evil either. Both Steve and Aaron are attracted to her and she knows it. Now I’m not saying she strings them along… Okay, that’s totally what I’m saying.

Of course there will be other characters along the way. Like Emily Murphy, the fun flirty waitress at the group’s favorite new restaurant.

So there you have it. A look at the new characters that you will get to know in Paranormal Contact Volume Two. Later in the week there will be a free preview of one of the scenes. Hope you’ll like it!

Have a good one everybody!


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