Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all the readers out there. I hope that your day is full of friends, family and maybe a good old fashioned BBQ picnic. Whatever you are doing, let us not forget the true meaning of the day. So if you’re drinking anything (beer, soda, water) do me a favor. Take a moment and raise your glass up to those that sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy our freedoms.

Now that we got that out there, I wanted to give you a quick update on Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I’m moving right through it. I’m about 1/5 of the way done writing it as we speak and after I’m done here, I’m going to do some more work on it. I hope that everyone will like it. The next blog I write will feature the new characters of the book. And then after that I will probably post the first new scene here.

I’m writing on average 1000 words a day when I write. I’m having a debate inside my head like a totally sane person would. I thought maybe I would throw it out there and see if I can a reaction out of you. After Volume Two is completed, do you want me to work on Volume Three or work on a new project that I’m formulating in my head. The new project will be more of the traditional science fiction writing. And for once humor will not be such a huge part. I don’t want to give too much information on it. So right now it will be called Top Secret Project. Mostly because I don’t have an official title in my head yet either. Shoot me an email at Jefftrel@gmail.com or tweet me at @Trel67 to let me know your thoughts.


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