Paranormal Contact Volume Two Updates

I’m hard at work on Paranormal Contact Volume Two. As of right now I’m looking for a late October release with it. There’s a few reasons why I am spacing this one out more than I did with the first two books.

After all it was only three months between Everything Comes Full Circle and Paranormal Contact Volume One. The main reason for me spacing it out is this story is going to be a little different for me to write. Full Circle and Volume One were based on screenplays I had previously written. I had source material that just needed to be changed. There is no sequel screenplay for this. The screenplay is only called Paranormal Contact. But I know that I have more stories to tell with these characters. So I will!

What can I tell you about Volume Two so far? Well, we will continue the adventures with Jason and Greg. In addition to them the characters of Tanya and Katie will play a much more important role this time around. Shawn and Brad are back too, but they will take a back seat for now. But don’t think that I left that cliff hanger at the end of Volume One and I don’t plan on expanding it. Because I will.

All the action takes place in one place this time. Because the characters are all ready established, we don’t have as much time to wait before jumping into the world of the paranormal this time.

As a writer, it’s all about learning and adapting. I think that I learned a lot in writing Everything Comes Full Circle. I took what I learned and applied it to Paranormal Contact Volume One. And now I’m taking what I’ve learned from the first two books and applying it to Paranormal Contact Volume Two. I hope that you will be able to notice the improvements in my style. As always if there is something you as a reader want me to improve on, please reach out to me and let me know! As always my email is or you can tweet me personally at @Trel67. Feel free to shoot us a tweet at @2dudesbrewsbooks or email Jeremy and myself at if there is something you want us to discuss on our weekly podcast.

Thank you for reading!


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