A New Partial Scene from “Paranormal Contact Volume One”

It was pitch black except for the light of four flashlights.

“I don’t think this a very good idea,” Shelly said. She is twenty two years old. She is wearing a gray sweater and blue jeans. Her hair is blonde, down to past her shoulders.

“Come on, babe. What’s the worst thing that could happen?” asked her boyfriend Steve. He is also twenty two years old. He’s tall, about six foot two with medium length brown hair. He is dressed in a green long sleeved Polo shirt. He reached out and grabbed her hand.

“I have seen enough horror movies to know you should never ask that question,” Shelly responded. Her eyes fluttered around the graveyard nervously.

“You will be fine, Shelly. You have three strapping young men here to protect you should anything happen,” answered Shawn. He reached out and put his arm on her shoulder. Shelly jumped.

“I have never seen you this fidgety before, Shell” Steve said. His hand tightened his grip around hers for comfort. She looked up at him.

“You have also never seen me in a graveyard on Halloween night before,” she responded.

The four of them walked through the cemetery. Shelly’s light kept moving around, looking in the trees or behind her. Any sound she heard freaked her out. They stopped about halfway through the cemetery.

“This looks like a good place to do it,” Brad said. He reached behind him to the book bag that was on his back.

“A good place to do what?” Shelly asked. She flashed her light to see what Brad was doing. He placed the book bag on one of the tombstones and unzipped it. Shelly’s light looked into the bag. Brad pulled out a Ouija Board. “Oh fuck no. We are not using that. Not here. Not while I am here!” she protested.

“You don’t believe in that, do you?” Steve asked. Shelly started to walk the way they came from but Steve reached out to her.

“Believe or not, I don’t think we should tempt fate. I am going back to the car!”

“Shell? Do you really want to walk back through the cemetery all by yourself and then sit in a car all alone?” Brad asked.

She turned around. “No. But I’m scared. This is a really really bad idea, guys.” Steve wrapped his arms around her as she started to cry.

“It’s not a bad idea. Nothing is going to happen to you. I am here. I will protect you. You know damn well that I would never let anything happen to you, right?” Steve said. He kissed her forehead. Shelly began to calm down.

“I know. I just wish you would have told me what we were doing out here. Now that I see it, I would have never agreed to come with you!”

“Never say I will be right back. That’s one of the rules of a horror movie,” Shelly said. She flashed her light on Brad.

“This isn’t a horror movie. I just want to see something,” he called back. Brad continued to explore the nearby tombstones.

“You know you will pay for this, right?” Shelly said. Steve finally released his release of her. She took a deep breath before she playfully smacked him in the chest.

“I will be right back,” Brad said. He started to walk further into the cemetery.

“I know. I deserve it. I really am sorry,” he said. He leaned down and kissed her. Shawn rolled his eyes and then looked away.

“I forgive you.” Brad ran back to them. He was struggling to catch his breath. “What? Are you okay?”

Brad leaned up against the tombstone that his backpack was on. “Yeah, I am fine. But I found an older tombstone a few rows down. I think we should use that one instead.”

Shawn looked around the group. “Sure, grab your bag. We will use that one instead.”

“I have a bad feeling about…” Shelly started to say.

“We know. Your objections are dually noted. We won’t be long,” Brad said. He zipped up his bag and led the group to the other tombstone. Once there, he unpacked the Ouija board and set it up on the tombstone. Shawn, Shelly and Steve gathered around. Each of them reached out and put their hand on the wooden plank on the board

“If there is anyone present with us today, make your self known to us,” Shawn said. The plank didn’t move. “Move this wooden plank if you are here!” Shawn repeated. Once again, the plank did not move. Steve twitched suddenly.

“You okay?” Shelly asked. She looked up at Steve, who stood motionless. His hand slowly dropped off the plank. “Steve? Stop screwing around. This isn’t funny.”

Brad lifted his flashlight to Steve. His look was completely vacant. “Steve? Steve-O? What’s going on?” he asked. Shelly reached for his hand. She immediately dropped it.

“His hand. It feels cold,” Shelly muttered.

Shawn’s light went to Steve’s face. “Steve? You really don’t look good. At all, man. Maybe you should sit down? Take a load off for a bit?”

“You fools!” A deep voice escaped from Steve. But it didn’t sound like Steve. “You have no idea the forces that you are playing with. This is not some game.”

Shelly began to cry hysterically. “This isn’t funny, Steve. Fucking stop it!”

“I am not Steve! Steve is nothing but a vessel. You have opened a door to a realm that you could not possibly grasp,” the voice boomed. Steve’s head glared at Shelly. Shelly, Brad and Shawn all took a step away.

“You’re right. We should have told you. I am sorry,” Shawn said. “But not only will he not let anything happen to you. I said it before. We will all protect you.”



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