There’s a new podcast out!

That’s right, there’s a new podcast this week. It’s almost like we put one out every week. Oh wait, that’s exactly what the two dudes are doing. This week Jeremy and I discuss the best books into movies plus we read some emails and give a special shoutout to our favorite small screen Vigilante who will be playing a Vigilante on the big screen as well. Check out the 151th most popular literature podcast. Let’s see if we can climb a little bit!

In other news, a lot of work has been made on Paranormal Contact Volume One. I am on schedule to have it completed by the end of April. Next week, the cover will be released and I think the next blog will feature a scene.

My business partner will be releasing his book on May 15th, so I will look to schedule mine probably a week after that. I will keep you posted.

As always you can tweet us at 2dudesBrewsBooks or email us at We do read comments and answer questions on the podcast that we get. You can also reach me at or Tweet me @Trel67

Thanks for reading (and listening)


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