Welcome to a very special date in Two Dudes, Brews & Books history. When my business partner Jeremy and I talked about goals for our company this year, we talked about getting our brand name out there in multiple ways. One of the things we discussed was a podcast between the two of us.

And so it begins, because today we will record our first podcast. We are both very excited and hope that you the reader will join us. A lot of podcasts take a lot of your time during the day. Ours will not. We plan on making it short and sweet. Hopefully you will enjoy it and pass the word on. I will give you an update when you can hear it.

And if you haven’t all ready, check out the new home of Two Dudes, Brews and Books website! http://ucfgk04.wix.com/twodudesbrewsbooks

As far as Paranormal Contact, I’m making good progress. I’m on page 59 of the story. I have said it before and I will say it again. It’s a lot darker than the first book and quite honestly better written, I think. I have learned a lot since writing “Everything Comes Full Circle”. I hope it will show!


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