Another half-chapter in “Paranormal Contact”

What you are about to read is actually the set up for the entire book “Paranormal Contact”. Earlier in the book the characters of Jason, Shawn and Brad were sharing their experiences they have had with the paranormal. They involve everything from ghosts to demons. This is what actually gets the action going for the novel.


“We don’t have a good alien story!” Shawn momentarily glared at Brad, who just laughed it off.

“Actually, I have a story about a possible UFO sighting,” Jason said.

“It’s probably just as scary as your window knocking story,” Shawn said as he shook his head.

“Let him tell the story!” Brad snapped.

“It was about fifteen years or so ago. It was probably around eight o’clock at night when I went out to collect some wood for the wood burning stove. The wood piles were on the side of the house. As I stepped out of the garage. As I did and I know this sounds really stupid, I looked up to the skies and said something like ‘I know you guys are out there somewhere’. Give me a break. I was watching a show about aliens when my dad told me to get the wood.” Shawn rolled his eyes in disgust. “I turned the corner from the garage and that’s when I saw it….”

“What did you see?” Greg asked. His eyes opened wide as he listened. Brad listened intently as well. Shawn, however, sat in his chair zoning out a little bit.

“As I came around the corner I saw three lights hovering above the trees behind my house. They were in a triangle shape with two lights on top and a third light on the bottom.” As he spoke he held up his hands to illustrate it. “I felt like I was out there for like five minutes. All of a sudden the lights zoomed off to the right. I ran inside to tell my father what I saw. He asked me why I was gone for twenty minutes and didn’t bring back any wood with me. I told him what happened. He didn’t believe me,”

Greg sat there with his mouth slightly open in shock. “That was just out in the back yard here?” Jason nodded his head.

“It was probably a plane or a helicopter. I am sure it wasn’t anything extraterrestrial,” Shawn said. Brad turned to him with a scowl on his face. “What? Am I not allowed to have my opinion on something? Whatever.” Shawn turned to Jason. “Good story, man” he said sarcastically. “So anyway, back to what I was saying before Jason’s story. I think we should make this trip just a little more interesting.”

“What did you have in mind?” Jason asked.

“ Very simple. We turn this into a little competition. We find a place that is a bit of a hot spot for aliens as well as ghosts. And we break up into two teams. First team to get undeniable evidence wins.”

“What constitutes undeniable evidence? What do the winning teams win?” asked Greg.

Shawn’s forehead crinkled as he thought for a second. “I don’t know. Why do I have to think of everything? We can think of that on the way. The question is are you in?” Shawn looked at Brad.

“I don’t think you need to ask me that. I’m in,” he said confidently. Shawn turned his attention to Jason.

“Sounds like fun. You can come me in as well.” Everyone looked at Greg.

He took a deep breath. Greg could feel all the eyes in the room on him. He looked down at the ground nervously before standing up, allowing his eyes to look everyone. “You only live once. What’s the worse that could happen?”

“Well then it’s settled, gentlemen. Brad and I will take on aliens. Jason and Greg will take on ghosts. First team to have undeniable proof wins. But I will leave it up to you as to what the prize is and what is undeniable evidence.”


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