A Scene from “Paranormal Contact”

This is one of the scenes that I have been working on in the last few days. Katie works at the hotel that our main characters stay at. She is a non believer in the paranormal. In this scene, there is a mention of a previous scene. Basically Denise sees Katie moments after she was called into the manager’s office, so she is a little panicked immediately following. I hope that you will like this small scene. Even though it’s small, I think it’s an important scene. Let me know your thoughts!


Katie stood behind the desk in the lobby. There was no one in line in front of her. She glanced down at her keyboard as she surfed the internet. Denise came in from the door that is behind Katie. She walked up to Katie, putting her hand on Katie’s left shoulder.

“You doing better?” Denise asked. Katie was startled and let out a small shriek. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to sneak up behind you like.” Denise chuckled.

“No. You’re fine. I’m doing all right. Thanks for asking. How was your lunch?” Katie responded. She glanced over her shoulder at Denise.

“Leftovers from last night. Nothing too exciting here. You want to talk to me about what was going on when I saw you last time?” Denise walked over to the other computer behind the desk.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I am fine. I promise,” Katie responded. She forced a smile at Denise.

“Oh I know you will be fine. I have no doubt about that,” Denise responded. “Slow day?”

“Yeah, we had a few check ins earlier today. I think we are going to be slow for the rest of the day actually.”

“Great. Well, at least then I can get some work done around here!” Denise laughed. She reached into one of the desk drawers and pulled out a half finished crossword puzzle.

“There you go, Denise. You will have plenty of time to get that done. And probably another two or three after that one!” Katie looked over at Denise, who wasn’t paying attention to anything other than her crossword puzzle.

Katie continued to surf the internet in quiet. Suddenly, she let out another shriek. She looked around quickly over her right shoulder.

“What is it?” Denise said. She dropped her crossword puzzle to the floor.

Katie spun around in her chair quickly looking around in both directions again. “Did you just put your hand on my shoulder again?” Katie asked. Her voice trembled slightly.

“No. I was all the way over here. Why?” Denise walked over to her side. Katie was breathing heavier than normal. “What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“No. I. I don’t know. I could have sworn I felt a hand on my right shoulder. Clear as day, I felt something on my shoulder touching me. Just for a second,” Her cheeks were flushed red.

“Maybe you just felt like you did. Or maybe you could still feel when I touched you earlier?”

“No, Denise. You touched my left shoulder. This was on my right shoulder,” Katie responded. She was almost in a panic. “This isn’t funny.”

“I never said it was funny. I don’t know what to tell you. It wasn’t me. I promise you that!” Katie continued to look around. “You going to be all right?”

“I think so. That was just so weird. I know what I felt. But there is no one here.”

“Listen. Take a few deep breaths. Go get a drink of water. I think that I can handle the front desk for a few minutes. You need to get yourself together. You’re falling apart,” Denise said. Katie nodded her head and walked through the door behind her. She continued to walk down a hallway until she found the women’s bathroom. She pushed the door open.

Katie walked up to the sink and turned on the cold water. Leaning over the sink, she cupped her hands under the running water. Katie splashed the cold water on her face. She leaned back and looked in the water.

“Get it together. You’re imagining things!” she whispered to herself. She watched as the water dribbled down her face. She tried to regulate her breathing. She splashed herself once again with cold weather. This time when she cupped her hands under the water, she brought her hands to her mouth, slurping at the water. Her head turned around quickly, checking the surrounding area. Katie turned off the water.

She walked out of the bathroom and walked down the hallway back to the lobby. Denise was still at the desk, wearing a sweater over her shoulder.

“You feeling better?” Denise asked, putting the crossword puzzle down on the desk.

“I think so. I could have sworn that I felt a hand on my shoulder. Maybe it was nothing. I don’t know what to tell you.” Katie cocked her head to the side as she looked over at Denise. “Did you have that sweater on before?”

“No. I grabbed it while you were gone. I started to get cold. But now, I don’t feel cold anymore. What about you?”

“No, I’m fine. That’s odd.”


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