Progress report on “Paranormal Contact”

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are having a good week so far. I just wanted to let everyone know how it was going with my second novel.

I think it’s going very well. I am a little behind schedule, but otherwise it is going very well. I do think it will be longer than “Everything Comes Full Circle” was. I am currently on page 38 on my writing. And the real action hasn’t even started yet.

A major difference is the number of main characters. With “Full Circle” there were a lot of characters, some of which felt like they got lost in the mix. Here, there is only eight primary characters with a lot more characters only in a handful of scenes. So I can focus more on the individuality of each character, which I hope will allow them to stick out more, I hope that as readers, you will be able to identify with at least one or two of the characters.


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